SMITH Powered Pallet Truck Walkie – Li-ion battery – 1500kg, 1.5t, 200mm

7SMITH Electric pallet truck Walky 1500kg 1.5 ton price

SMITH Powered Pallet Truck Walkie – Li-ion battery – 1500kg, 1.5t, 200mm


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  • Affordable Powered pallet truck SMITH Walky
  • Suitable for indoor use, suitable for narrow spaces, environmentally friendly
  • Fork size: 550*1160mm – for EURO pallet
  • Ergonomic – very stable
  • Load capacity 1500 kg or 1.5t
  • 12 months’ warranty
  • Lifting height: 200mm
  • Easy to use and simple to be adjusted
  • Electric pallet stacker + Li-ion battery (24V/30AH) + charger (24V/10A, Europen standard)
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SMITH Powered pallet truck Walkie – Li-ion battery – 1500kg 200mm

SMITH Powered pallet truck Walkie is a Walkie type motorized pallet truck. It adopts an advanced structure such as a ring rod lifting system and DC controller, at the same time it is equipped with a high-quality motor, lithium battery, and pump station motor. This motorized pallet truck is designed to be used with two hands and it is the most affordable in this category of electric pump trucks. It has the characteristics of superior performance, convenient operation, flexible steering, reliable braking, good dynamic performance, less noise, less pollution, and a beautiful appearance. This series truck is suitable for working on the smooth ground in the warehouse. Powered pallet truck Walkie can be used for lifting up heavy objects and pallets to about 200mm high and transporting them to the new location. The electric pump truck is an affordable, lightweight, and powerful pallet truck to have around. The powered pallet truck can lift various objects and pallets and is highly customizable. The electric pallet truck has two motors. One is for driving and one is for lifting. Both motors have a power of 24V/0.75KW. This motorized pallet truck comes with a Li-ion battery 24V/30 Ah and a charger. The battery is very powerful and allows you to use an electric pump truck for several hours without recharging. Recharging is very fast, therefore, you will not waste time waiting. The maneuverability and ease of operation with this motorized pallet truck will allow you to use it for lifting pallets or heavy objects approximately 200mm high from the ground and putting them to the new location. Electric pump truck SMITH Walkie is designed in a way that can be easily operated and it doesn’t use a lot of space. It has a 12-month warranty and service is available only in the European Union.


SMITH Powered pallet truck Walkie specification:

ModelSMITH Powered pallet truck Walkie
Drive typeELECTRIC
Manner of operationWalkie
Load Capacity1500kg
Load Centre600c (mm)
Distance between fork backrest and front wheel944x (mm)
Wheel Base1243y (mm)
Service Weight(with battery)142kg
Tire materialPU
Driving wheel sizeΦ210×70Φ×w(mm)
Balance wheel sizeΦ80×60Φ×w(mm)
Qty of wheel,Front/Rear(x=driving wheel)1x/4
Lifting Height200mm
The height of handle in the operation position740mm
Lowered fork height85mm
Overall Length1603mm
Body Length453mm
Overall Width550mm
Fork Size50/150/1150s/e/l (mm)
Fork Width550mm
Ground clearance under mast35mm
Aisle width for pallets 1000*1200 crossways1804mm
Aisle width for pallets 1000*1200 lengthways1854mm
Turning Radius1398mm
Driving Speed, load/unload4.2/4.5km/h
Maximum gradeability load/unload5/10%
Brake TypeElectromagnetic brake
Drive Motor0.75kW
Lift Motor0.75kW
Battery voltage/rate capacity24/30V/Ah
Battery Weight(±5%)7.8kg
Type of drive controlDC
Noise level≤70dB(A)
Steering typeManual steering system


Advantages of electric pump truck SMITH:

  • Ring rod lifting system and DC controller
  • Li-ion battery 24V/30 Ah and a charger
  • Convenient operation, flexible steering, and reliable braking system
  • Good dynamic performance, less noise, less pollution, and beautiful appearance
  • The electrical system includes walking and operation control. The truck use DC electric control assembly.
  • The meter has a battery indicator

What is the price of the electric pump truck SMITH?

Powered pallet truck SMITH Walkie is one of the cheapest electric pump trucks out there. However, the price of the Powered pallet truck does not reflect on the quality. Despite it is affordable, the motorized pallet truck is made out of high-quality materials and it has implemented the latest lifting and driving technology. The price of the electric pallet truck is displayed above. The powered pallet truck has a 12-month warranty and comes with a Li-ion battery 24V/30 Ah and a charger. We offer also cheap international shipping.

Where Powered pallet truck Walkie can be used:

  • Altitude does not exceed 1200 meters
  • Temperature not over +40℃, not under +5℃
  • When environment temperature at +40℃, the relative humidity can’t be over 50%
  • The ground needs hard and flat
  • It is forbidden to use this car in a corrosive environment such as a flammable and explosive or acid-base


How to use Electric pump truck Walkie:

This is a tramp-type electric pump truck with autonomous control, lifting and lowering are controlled by the handle button. Improper use can cause personal injury or machine damage. Operators or operating companies need to ensure proper use, at the same time ensure that the truck is only operated by trained and authorized personnel. The Truck needs to be used on a firm, flat, intact surface and suitable surface, The truck is designed for indoor use at room temperature from+5°C to +40°C. The operator should use it under light load without using permanent barriers or pits, It is forbidden to operate on the slops. During Operation, The goods must be placed approximately at the center of the truck’s load center lifting or carrying people is strictly prohibited, If carried goods, the goods must fall on the lifting point.


Motorised pallet truck SMITH Walkie video how to use it:

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