JET Battery Strapping Tool for 12-16mm (1/2″-5/8″) PET/PP strap incl. Battery & Charger

JET battery strapping tool 12-16mm price

JET Battery Strapping Tool for 12-16mm (1/2″-5/8″) PET/PP strap incl. Battery & Charger


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  • Customizable strapping tension – can be set to up to 2100 N
  • Weighs only 2.7kg with a battery
  • With a Lithium battery, which has a capacity 3000mAh
  • More than 300 strapping cycles with one single charge
  • JET Battery Strapping Tool for 12-16mm (1/2″-5/8″) PET/PP + Battery & Charger
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Semi-automatic Handheld Battery Powered Strapping Tool JET

JET battery strapping tool 12-16mm priceJET Battery Strapping Tool is a classical handheld battery-powered strapping tool. Thanks to its manual tightening mode, so it is more affordable compared with those tightened by motor on the market. What’s more, with flexible settings, wide tension range, it is perfect for both PP and PET strapping. JET Battery Strapping Tool for 12-16mm is widely used in all industries and sectors. Battery Strapping Tool JET comes with the highest productivity and performance to match the customers’ packaging demands around the world. JET Battery Strapping Tool for 12-16mm weighs only 2.7kg with battery, which makes it one of the lightweight battery strapping tools out there. The strapping tension is customizable and can be set to up to 2100 NBattery strapping tool JET comes with a Lithium battery, which has a capacity 3000mAh, therefore, you can make more than 300 strapping cycles with one single charge. The charger is also included, so you are able to get your bundling process started as soon as the package arrives.  The maneuverability and ease of operation with this battery-powered strapping tool will allow you to use it for vertical and horizontal strapping. This battery banding tool is also designed to deliver a high-grade friction weld seal. It has a 12-month warranty and service is available in the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, UK, Serbia, and BiH.


Advantages of JET Battery Strapping Tool

  • Weighs only 2,7kg with a battery
  • Manual tightening mode for sensitive packing
  • Most affordable battery strapping tool on the market
  • Very robust, strong tool
  • Can make more than 300 strapping cycles with one single charge
  • Sealing time adjustable – increase the welding time clockwise, and reduce the welding time anticlockwise


JET Battery Strapping Tool Features:

  • Cost-effective – manual tightening mode, so it is more affordable
  • Simple one-handed operation
  • High sealing efficiency
  • Friction weld sealing
  • Ergonomic design
  • High capacity Lithium battery
  • Robust cover & perfect balance
  • Tension force adjustable by manual


JET Battery Strapping Tool for 12-16mm specifications:

ModelJET battery strapping tool
Dimensions (L*W*H)370*140*120 mm
Weight2,75kg (incl. battery)
PowerLithium battery (DC14.4V, 3000MaH, 10C)
Tension Range60-2100N or 6-214kg – adjustable
Sealing time1-3 seconds – adjustable
Strapping width12-16mm
Strapping thickness0.6-1mm
Applicable strapsPolypropylene (PP) and Polyester (PET)
Strap sealing formFriction weld sealing
Endurance after full chargeAbout 300 strapping cycles
Battery ChargerInput voltage: 100-245V(AC), 50-60HZ,
Output voltage/current: 16.8V(DC)/3A(DC)
Battery charging timeAbout 70 minutes
JointFriction welding


What is the price of the semi-automatic battery-powered banding tool JET?

Battery strapping tool JET is the most affordable strapping tool on the market. The reason is the manual tightening system, where the operator needs to pull the tightening rocker several times and with that strap is tightening around the object. The price of the battery strapping tool JET is displayed on the page. The battery-powered tool can be bought online directly from our website or you can request an offer via email. Despite the low price, the battery strapping tool is very powerful, robust, and made out of high-quality materials. It is built to last and over customers are recommending this tool to everyone who doesn’t need an automatic tightening system.

How to use JET Battery Strapping Tool for PET/PP 12-16mm strap

  1. Stack up the straps in place – Please wind the strapping belt according to the method shown in the picture. The strapping belt shall not be stained with water, oil or other liquids.
  2. Hold the lift handle – Put straps into the battery strapping tool in position. The compressed end of the strapping belt must be overlapped at the top, and the strapping belt at the bottom should extend below the tightening wheel to cover the front end of the toothed plate for 5-10mm. When inserting the strapping belt, lift the handle with the right hand and insert the strapping belt with the left hand. The upper and lower ends must be stacked in parallel before the handle can be released.
  3. Swing tightening rocker – After the strapping belt is installed, hold the handle of the strapping device and tighten the rocker. At the same time, pull the tightening rocker backward to the end limit mechanism, and then push the tightening rocker forward to the front limit mechanism. Repeatedly pull the tightening rocker several times. After the strapping belt is tightened to the ideal state, release the tightening rocker. When tightening, keep the strapping tool moving parallel with the strap and the strapping belt moving in the opposite direction.
  4. Push down welding button – After pressing the tightening button, the finger moves away immediately, and the device will glue automatically (the time is preset by the system, you can increase or decrease the tightening time clockwise or counterclockwise). After bonding, the redundant strapping belt is automatically cut off.
  5. Push up lift handle to take out strap – After bundling, lift up the handle, turn the tightening wheel around, loosen the belt accordingly, balance to the right, and take out the bundling device


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