GT-XTREME Automatic Battery strapping tool 16-19mm PET/PP with battery & charger

GT XTREME battery strapping tool

GT-XTREME Automatic Battery strapping tool 16-19mm PET/PP with battery & charger


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  • Easy-to-use and highly efficient automatic battery strapping tool
  • Adjustable functioning mode: automatic, semi-automatic, manual, soft
  • Horizontal and vertical strapping
  • Strap type: PP/PET
  • Strap width: 16mm/19mm
  • Max tension speed: 9.0 mt/min
  • Joint type: Friction weld seal
  • The lightest on the market: 4kg including battery
  • Great balance for efficient operation and reliable handling
  • Ergonomic handle with non-slip rubber for stronger grip
  • Digital display with parameters for better control
  • Ideal in demanding environments (construction, metal & glass, timber & wood)
  • Low-maintenance thanks to brushless motor
  • High control, reliability and strength
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GT-XTREME Automatic Battery strapping tool for 16-19mm PET and PP plastic strap with battery & charger

Adjustable and powerful automatic battery strapping tool for plastic straps in any environment

The highly adjustable GT-XTREME strapping tool adapts to any environment thanks to various functioning modes – automatic, semi-automatic, manual, and soft – to ensure easy handling for the user while providing the best strapping results. Its perfect balance makes it easy to perform both vertically and horizontally, while the adjustable front and rear guides allow straps of different dimensions – 16/19mm. Designed to perform in harsh environments, the machine’s display, easy handling, and connectivity increase the efficiency and reliability of plastic straps.

  • High control of tensioning phase in soft mode
  • Intuitive display of parameters
  • Conical gearbox for better performance
  • Stainless steel components to avoid rust
  • Ergonomic handle with non-slip rubber
  • Easy-to-remove battery system
  • USB connectivity
  • Lockable keypad for higher safety

The lightest of its kind in the market, the GT-XTREME battery strapping tool is ideal for use in heavy-duty environments, such as in construction, the timber and wood industry, the metal and glass industry, etc.

It supports a very high number of cycles and stable performance due to the latest Li-Ion battery technology. Depending on the tool’s usage, the battery can sustain up to 300 cycles per battery charge and over 500 charge-discharge cycles. The GT-XTREME battery allows for non-stop work, while the new BMS (Battery Management System) ensures easy battery status checks by interacting with it through the electronic board.

The brushless motor with encoder works with a conical gearbox with bevel gears for boosted performance. The components are made of stainless steel to avoid rust and ensure overtime durability, and maintenance is fast thanks to the easily removable casing.

The clear and user-friendly digital display shows crucial parameters – functioning mode, tensioning force, welding time, and battery charge level – and allows you to adjust them easily for better performance in various tasks.


Specifications of GT-XTREME Automatic Battery tool for Plastic Strapping

ModelGT-XTREME Automatic Battery for Plastic Strap
Power sourceBattery
Operation modesAutomatic, Semi-automatic, Manual, Soft
Package typeFlat surface (min. 120mm)Round surface (min. diam. 700mm)
Strap typePP/PET
Strap width16/19mm
Strap thickness0.7 to 1.27mm
Max tension on a single strap4200N
Max tension on package8400N
Max tension speed9.0mt/min
Joint typeFriction weld seal
Weight (including battery)4kg
BatteryAkku Power SP5 18 Vdc 5 Ah Li-Ion


Core features of GT-XTREME Automatic battery for plastic strap

Different functioning modes allow for easy adjustment to all kinds of tasks in different environments – changing to soft mode, for example, delivers better control of the tensioning phase.
A Brushless motor with encoder ensures low maintenance and works with a conical gearbox with bevel gears to improve performance.
Reliable and easy handling, thanks to low weight (with 4kg is the lightest in the market), ergonomic handle with non-slip rubber and ergonomic opening lever, increase efficiency and ensure good balance during operation.
Adjustable front and rare guides quickly adapt to plastic straps of 16/19mm and guarantee a secure flow of straps for any job, while the perfect balance ensures accurate strapping in both vertical in horizontal ways.
Stainless steel components avoid rust making the machine suitable for use in humid and outdoor environments and ensuring overtime durability.
Digital display provides a clear overview and management of chosen parameters, including tensioning force, welding time, battery charge level, and functioning mode. The keypad can be locked to prevent unwanted changes and improve safety.
Secure and fast maneuvering is ensured by the easily accessible electromechanical button for welding start and tensioning start push-button.
Easy maintenance improves performance and reduces upkeep time thanks to the easily removable casing.
High reliability and strength of the latest Li-Ion battery technology with no “memory effect” boosts efficiency and usability – up to 300 cycles per battery charge and over 500 charge-discharge cycles. The quality and life of the battery are further improved with a universal battery charger which ensures protection on thresholds for temperature and internal pressure during charging.
More options to improve battery life: Akku Power SP7 Battery 18 Vds – 5.0 Ah Li-Ion and Battery charger for Li-Ion Battery Aku Power.


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